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Save a toy from landfill fate! Build your own motorised 'robo-toy' and bring a discarded toy to life.


Whether it is a Psycho Barbie, a Spaced Out Buzz Lightyear or a Wonky Donkey you can build it your own special way and make it move and buzz!



We have a whole assortment of toys for you to cut up and reassemble to make your robot look the way you think it should, and a motorised chasis to make it move with your assembled switches.


You can also make a simple flashing LED and buzzer circuit to incorporate into the robot, joining it by soldering or connecting blocks.



This is a workshop that will introduce you to simple motor control and how to design and make a simple electronic circuit from scratch, as well as how to construct a chassis and supporting structure.


Toys, glue guns, soldering, motorised chasis, flashing buzzing circuit, as well as parts to make switches will be provided.


All you need to bring is yourself and an adult, if you are under 12yrs old - and a toy if there is one you would particularly want to pull apart and ressemble your way.



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